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Seamless Foam Roofing

SPF Roofing Systems: Seamless and Fully Adhered

Spray foam forms a seamless bond with whatever substrate it’s applied to, regardless of whether the substrate is oriented vertically, like wall assemblies, or horizontally, like roof decking. In fact, spray foam has been used for several decades as a durable roofing material.

Because there are no seams to allow leaks, water is prevented from infiltrating under the roof membrane. In the event the roof is punctured, any resulting leak is much easier to detect than with other types of roofing systems.

From Liquid to Solid: A Protective, Monolothic Roofing Shell

Spray foam is applied as a liquid using plural-component spray equipment. Upon being applied to a substrate, SPF expands to roughly 30 times its original liquid volume and dries within seconds. The expansion results in a dense, monolithic (weathertight) roofing system that is fully adhered to the substrate.

Because of the foam’s low density, compared to other roofing materials, it adds little additional weight to the roof, and is often used in remedial applications. Additionally, an SPF roof provides a structure with excellent insulation value, which will almost always be evident in subsequent utility bills.

Nebraska Service Areas

A&N Properties, LLC is a full service Home Insulation Contractor & Commercial Roofing Contractor in Scottsbluff, NE. We provide Spray Foam Insulation, Foam Roofing and Protective Coating services in the Nebraska Panhandle, Eastern Wyoming, Northern Colorado and South Dakota.

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